7404 King George Blvd #200, Surrey,
BC, V3W 1N6, Canada

About Us

Our Story

What is the business in a nutshell?

Bringing Innovative Oral Care Products In Canada

Smile Club founder and dentist, Mahtab Mottalebi Fard has been actively seeking a way to introduce innovative oral care products to improve the quality of oral healthcare for patients. Fard realized that the dental field has generally lagged behind many other industries when it comes to the adoption of high technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud data systems.

We believe in technology and organic products vs. using chemicals that are not good for our body. We want to improve the quality of care for people.

Being the exclusive distributor of Grush products in Canada reflects on who we are and where we want to go.

Grush Inc. designs and manufactures electronic toothbrushes and develops compatible gaming applications for children to incentivize good oral hygiene practices.

The application tracks patient use and brushing patterns, thereby collecting data which dentists may use to provide specialized treatment solutions.

Our Team

Dr. Mahtab Mottalebi Fard


Dr. Mahtab Mottalebi Fard is an expert in family dentistry and is passionate about educating patients in the preventative skills necessary to maintain optimal oral health.

Nazli Taherian

Logistic Manager

Nazli Taherian career has been characterized by an interest in making businesses better through innovative design and a robust aesthetic capability.

Babak Abedi

Chief Operating Officer

Babak's work has been dominated by engagement as a consultant, which has honed his ability to quickly identifying requirements and critical metrics of success to achieve strategic goals.

Reza Shams

Chief Financial Officer

Reza Shams has developed a diverse skill set spanning hands-on IT and web development skills to serial entrepreneurship, executive leadership, market development, and financial consulting.

Banafshe Shafie

VP of Strategic Partnership

Banafsheh Shafie brings a scientist background having 18 years of experience in urban design and being an environmental expert. She will identify new disruptive technologies in the global oral care market.